What People are Saying

Limerick LeaderThe Parish Mission has commenced in both churches since last weekend. Saturday night in Anglesboro kicked off with a harvest community thanksgiving mass. Prayers of the faithful at this mass focused on giving thanks for the wonderful year of weather which enabled farmers to harvest the crops and fodder for the winter. As this is the month of November the dead were remembered especially as were community volunteers for their dedicated work every year in the community. From Monday 9th November to Friday November 15 morning masses and mission sermons are at 9.30am. Evening liturgies

tue10The feeling in our parish is that of warmth and appreciation of the liturgies facilitated by The Ember Team, Vincentians on Mission.

Liturgy by young people for young people: It was a heart warming sight to see so very many young people light up our church with their love of life and enthusiasm for the liturgy. Afterwards at a party in the exuberantly decorated hall the atmosphere was electric.

Series of liturgies to “Nourish our Spirit” and “New Life”: Quiet reflective ritual … reflective and moving liturgy … themes of compassion and forgiveness touched every soul in the congregation. People leaving the church were heard to say: “that was outstanding”, “just beautiful”, “powerful”. One person was overheard making the comment “to sum it up, these three nights gave a meaning and purpose to Lent”.