Mission Program

St Vincent de Paul A Vincentian Parish Mission helps to create a space and atmosphere where people can experience the saving and redemptive presence of  Jesus Christ.  Through Scripture, music, song and ritual and in vibrant preaching they are drawn more deeply into the mystery and beauty of God’s love. The challenge to change, to grow and reach out to others becomes very real and alive. Recognizing each parish is unique and has its own particular needs, we work with priests and pastoral councils to help discern the style and format of mission that works best for their parish. Get in touch to see how we can help you.


logoCome and see…Go and tell

This is a parish-based event, offering individuals in a communal setting an opportunity to experience the merciful and compassionate love of God. It is a  seven-day programme beginning on Saturday and running through to Friday evening.  The Vincentian Parish Team joins the community for the Sunday Eucharist to invite the congregation to come and experience through beautiful liturgies the tender love of God.


Daily Mission Themes

New Times, New Challenges: living with Faith Today

The Sign We Give: a journey of Love; Ministering to each other (Charity: who is my neighbour)

Reconciliation: a Journey to Wholeness.

”Younger and older people working together building a more beautiful church and a better world.” (Pope Francis WYD 2013)

Come and See…Go and Tell: (New Evangelization)


Youth ministry

The Vincentian Parish Mission Team describes Youth Ministry as the Church’s effort to help each and every young person to grow both personally and spiritually. The purpose of youth ministry is to help young people to apply the values of Christianity to every area of their lives.  We understand it as a call to make ourselves spiritually available to guide young people during the times when they feel lost or unsure of their identity in this world.